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Our passion :your human resources

Because we believe that the human capital is
the foundation of all companies!

Whoare we?

I am a chartered consultant in industrial relations and part of "l'Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et en relations industrielles agréées du Québec" with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

Our services can be cost effective to you and give your organization an efficient human resources department.


Creation and maintenance of employees' files

  • Create employees' files with information pertinent to payroll
  • Document all necessary information/event

Group insurance

  • Negociate contract with broker
  • Take care of enrollment
  • Assist employees to process claims
  • Follow up on problem files
  • Verify the insurance invoice
  • Calculate employees' deduction per pay

Health & safety programs

  • Follow norms established by CSST for your industry
  • Process CSST claims
  • Follow up on claims
  • Document all information pertaining to health and safety

Welcoming new employees and training

  • Create welcoming packages for new employees
  • Do on the job training for office positions (accredited by the government for bill C90, 1% of total salary dedicated to training)
  • Create job profiles
  • Task descriptions
  • Employee manual (company policies)

Pay Equity

Maximization of your customer service

  • Update your clients files
  • Create a client data base
  • Schedule appointments
  • Buy a bank of hours and profit from a personalized service.

Who is thetarget market ?

It is mostly and primarily small and medium sized companies, which don't always have the resources and facilities to have a department on its own. We will assist you in achieving the same goals as big companies at a lower cost and keep the confidentiality of all documents. Remember your Human Resources are the best value of your company.

What ispay equity ?

All companies under provincial jurisdiction with 10 employees or more are subject to the Pay Equity Act. The Act seeks to offer an equal pay for equivalent work and its purpose is to redress differences in compensation due to systemic discrimination based on sex in the categories of female-dominated jobs.

To do so, we can assist you in:

Completing your DEMES (Declaration of employer in pay equity) / Determining your reference year / Determining if you are subject to it / Calculating the number of employees in your reference year / Creating your job description / Assessing your pay equity / Preparing the different postings / Doing the maintenance of your pay equity

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